HaMasger – HaRakevet st

HaMasger Street is a main thoroughfare running north to south known in the past, and still today, for its many auto repair shops, metal workshops, motorbike dealerships and so on. It’s crossed by HaRakevet (Train) street from west to east

Staring around the late 1970’s, the area began to change from a light industrial area into one that today is full of new, high rise office buildings alongside the original workshops.

As with many streets in Tel Aviv, there are stark contrasts between old and new which adds interest to visitor. As you would expect from an area filled with offices and workshops, there are a lot of restaurants and coffee bars throughout the area as well as many shops associated with the many different types of businesses that operate in the area.

Just to the north of HaMasger you’ll find the Azrieli Towers, a complex of three skyscrapers, one rectangular, one triangular and one circular. Inside you’ll find offices, a hotel and one of the largest shopping malls in Israel. It’s also right next to HaShalom train station so getting there is really easy.

Fun for the young and young at heart

Perhaps the biggest change that has come over this entire area occurs at night. In the past, after dark the streets were deserted, but today, the many bars, clubs and pubs draw in the 18 -20 age group like a magnet. In fact, some of Tel Aviv’s largest clubs and dance bars are in this area and regularly attract hundreds, if not thousands of young people – especially over the weekend. It’s a great place to hang out and meet Israel youth and people from around the world who come to Tel Aviv to experience what this non-stop city has to offer.

Another relatively new development in the area are the increasing number if ‘niche’ shops that have begun to open. Bookshops, galleries, a small ‘fringe’ theatre and arts performance center, designer clothes and accessories and more. As the area’s personality changes, as more and more professionals come into the area during the day and young people at night – these shops have sprung up to offer the things they, and you, are looking for.

So, HaMasger Street and HaRakevet Street – modern bustling commercial centers interspersed with workshops and repair shops during the day and the ‘in’ place for the younger generation at night looking for places to party into the wee small hours of the morning. Not for nothing is Tel Aviv known as the city that never sleeps.

Tel Aviv Main Attractions

1 tel aviv seaport HaMasger   HaRakevet st
Tel Aviv Seaport
2 dizengoff HaMasger   HaRakevet st
Dizengoff & Ben Yehuda St. ​
3 the boardwalk HaMasger   HaRakevet st
Tel Aviv Boardwalk​
4 allenby HaMasger   HaRakevet st
Allenby St.
5 lilinblum HaMasger   HaRakevet st
Lilienblum – Levontine – Nahalat Binyamin St.​
8 hamasjer HaMasger   HaRakevet st
HaMasger – HaRakevet St.​
9 florentin HaMasger   HaRakevet st
king george street tel aviv thumb 5 HaMasger   HaRakevet st
King George -Tshernechovsky
6 ibn gvirol HaMasger   HaRakevet st
Ibn Gabirol​
10 ramat hachayal HaMasger   HaRakevet st
Ramat Hahayal
7 karlibach HaMasger   HaRakevet st

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