King George – Tchernichovsky

The area of King George and Tchernichovsky streets is one full of life and is yet another example of the diversity of Tel Aviv. King George Street is named after King George V of England. Previously known as Carmel Street, its name was changed in 1935 and the Kings Silver Jubilee. Tchernichovsky street is named after Shaul Tchernichovsky one of the greatest Hebrew poets who ever lived.

As for poetry, the connection to Tchernichovsky isn’t just in the name of the street bit also because in the area close to Shenkin, you’ll find a number of alternative clubs and coffee shops frequented by young posts and artists.

The area isn’t full of new buildings and office blocks, but it definitely has an ‘old world’ charm to it, full of shops and coffee bars where ‘natives’ and tourists mingle looking for bargains of just enjoying a good cup of coffee or lemon tea.

Let’s go exploring

At 38 King George Street you’ll find Metzudat Ze’ez and the Jabotinsky Institute. Dedicated to Ze’ev Jabotinsky, founder of the Revisionist movement in British Palestine, the instate contains a historical Archive and a museum about Jabotinsky and the illegal immigration of Jews to Israel between the end of the Second World War and the establishment of the state – well worth a visit. Entrance free.

Gan Meir – a small, 7.4 acre park named in honor of Tel Aviv’s legendary first mayor – Meir Dizengoff (Dizengoff Square, Dizengoff Road) sits between King George-Tchernichovsky Street. It’s a popular hangout for children and dogs who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding streets.   It’s also the starting point for the annual Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade held every June.

Interesting Fact: Gan Meir was designed as a miniature model of Israel and the small lily covered pond represents the Sea of Galilee.

If you like old books and antiquities, then look out for the antique shops and second hand book shops. There are a few and if you have a good eye and are prepared to rummage – you may well find the bargain of a lifetime – but no guarantees!

Let’s go shopping

If you see a lot of shops selling bathroom fixtures, don’t be surprised. The area was known in the past as the “Bathtub” area. Many of those remaining are family business that have been around since the 1920’s – almost 100 years (and some look as if they haven’t changed a bit).

It’s also a great place to look for bargains. There are plenty of shoe shops selling top market fashion shoes to shops selling comfortable shoes for rock bottom prices.

Also look out for the bargain discount clothes shops close to the Bezalel Market. Some of them may look like a garage sale, but you can find some extraordinary bargains – you just have to search.

So, enjoy your exploration of this interesting urban area – you’ll have fun!

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Tel Aviv Seaport
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king george street tel aviv thumb 5 King George   Tchernichovsky
King George -Tshernechovsky
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