Ramat HaHayal

Located in the richer area of north Tel Aviv, HaBarzel or as it’s better known, Ramat HaChayal, has to be one of the fastest growing Hi-Tech enclaves in Israel, if not the Middle East.

Over the past few years, dozens of modern office blocks have sprung up in the affluent neighborhood with many leading Israeli and international companies having offices and research facilities here. These include Nisko, RAD Data Communications, BMC Software, Comverse Technology, Radwin and an IBM research and development facility.

Israel’s leading private hospital, Assuta, which caters to many foreign patients, also has its central hospital unit here.

Just as you’d expect from a fast developing hi-tech environment, the area has also seen the opening of many upscale restaurants and coffee shops to cater for the thousands of people who work here during the day and hotels to accommodate the many foreign business people who frequent the area.


Almog with the development of the hi-tech industry, Ramat HaChayal has also undergone a recreational transformations and is now the ‘in’ place for Israel’s richer, ‘jet set’ to hang out in at night. If you spend some time here, you’re sure to spot some of Israel’s more famous celebrities as they come to enjoy good food in a high class restaurant or party in one of the many exclusive clubs that have opened here.

Ramat HaChayal is where you’ll find the iconic ‘Zappa” club. Known for years as one of the best places to listen to music and dance, the Zappa hosts not only some of Israel’s leading artists, but also provides a stage for new, upcoming bands and singers. One of the nice things about Zappa is that while the music is loud, the atmosphere can be relaxed and laid back. If you want to dance – go ahead, but if you want to relax with a drink or some good food – you can do that as well. For a night out not to be forgotten – you have to give Zappa a try!

Food, glorious food

Finished dancing? Feeling hungry? Well there are plenty of upscale, first class restaurants to choose from. Meat, dairy, Japanese, hamburgers, Thai, Italian, Israeli – take your pick. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth – there are a couple of ‘chocolate’ bars just waiting to pamper your taste buds.

You can also try out one of the bars and pubs that have a huge selection of good drinks, fast but tasty food, play good music or show sport events on a large screen.

Whatever your taste, however you want to spend your evening out, in the Ramat HaChayal neighborhood you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied and happy.

Tel Aviv Main Attractions

1 tel aviv seaport Ramat HaHayal
Tel Aviv Seaport
2 dizengoff Ramat HaHayal
Dizengoff & Ben Yehuda St. ​
3 the boardwalk Ramat HaHayal
Tel Aviv Boardwalk​
4 allenby Ramat HaHayal
Allenby St.
5 lilinblum Ramat HaHayal
Lilienblum – Levontine – Nahalat Binyamin St.​
8 hamasjer Ramat HaHayal
Ha’Masger – Ha’Rakevet St.
9 florentin Ramat HaHayal
king george street tel aviv thumb 5 Ramat HaHayal
King George -Tshernechovsky
6 ibn gvirol Ramat HaHayal
Ibn Gabirol​
10 ramat hachayal Ramat HaHayal
Ramat Hahayal
7 karlibach Ramat HaHayal

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