Tel Aviv Boardwalk

Walk, bike or blade along the 10 Km. long Tel Aviv boardwalk (Tyelet in Hebrew) is officially known as the Shlomo Lahat Promenade in memory of former Tel Aviv major Shlomo Lahat. The boardwalk starts at the Tel Aviv Port area and Independence Park in the north and winds its way between the coast, right next to the sea and Tel Aviv’s golden beaches and Herbert Samuel Street to the Charles Clore Park near the Hassen Beck Mosque. From here you can stroll (or ride) through the park’s many pathways and then join up with the Homat HaYam Promenade which will take you to the beautiful old city of Jaffa.

Interesting fact: And for the serious walkers – the boardwalk joins up with the Israel National Trail north of the Port and stretches way north to the city of Hadera and beyond.

This is the perfect place to see another side of Tel Aviv, the sand, sea and sun and some of the most amazing hotels, bars, coffee shops and restaurants. There is so much to do along the promenaded that you could spend days here just sampling the golden beached, hiring a paddle boat, surfing, playing sand tennis (matkot in Hebrew), scuba diving, swimming or just working on your sun tan.

Thirsty or the kids are hungry – no problems, there are ice cream parlors, coffee shops and restaurants everywhere you look serving everything from Moroccan food to pizza, from falafel to fish & chips.

The boardwalk is also close to many of Tel Aviv’s main streets – Dizengoff, HaYarkon, Allenby, Ben Yehuda to mention just a few – and some really great places to visit like trendy Shenkin Street, the Carmel open air market, Jaffa’s Flea market,   If you’re here on a Tuesday or a Friday – try the Nahalat Benyamin market with is handmade jewelry, wooden toys, boxes, glass and other handmade souvenirs and ‘knickknacks’ mostly sold by the artists themselves.

Interesting fact: Israel’s first parliament was near to today’s boardwalk between March 8, 1949 – December 14, 1949 in the Kessem Cinema in Tel Aviv. The cinema is no longer there and in its place stands the Opera Tower.

Apropos Israel’s history, in the Charles Clore Park you’ll find the Etzel Museum. The ‘Etzel’ was one of the groups that fought for Israel’s independence during the British Mandate and the museum tells its story.

And we haven’t even touched on beautiful, romantic Jaffa – but that’s another story.

Tel Aviv Main Attractions

1 tel aviv seaport Tel Aviv Boardwalk
Tel Aviv Seaport
2 dizengoff Tel Aviv Boardwalk
Dizengoff & Ben Yehuda St. ​
3 the boardwalk Tel Aviv Boardwalk
Tel Aviv Boardwalk​
4 allenby Tel Aviv Boardwalk
Allenby St.
5 lilinblum Tel Aviv Boardwalk
Lilienblum – Levontine – Nahalat Binyamin St.​
8 hamasjer Tel Aviv Boardwalk
Ha’Masger – Ha’Rakevet St.
9 florentin Tel Aviv Boardwalk
king george street tel aviv thumb 5 Tel Aviv Boardwalk
King George -Tshernechovsky
6 ibn gvirol Tel Aviv Boardwalk
Ibn Gabirol​
10 ramat hachayal Tel Aviv Boardwalk
Ramat Hahayal
7 karlibach Tel Aviv Boardwalk

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