Annotated Listing of Tel Aviv Shopping Malls and Specialty Stores

There are many specialty stores and shopping malls in Tel Aviv and you can check them out when you’re there. If you’re staying at an apartment in Tel Aviv, you will have a chance to visit these stores and malls.

Shopping is already part of the culture in Tel Aviv. When you’re shopping, you don’t really need to buy all the time. Just the experience of walking down the streets of the beautiful city is already enough to greatly enjoy the day. The street shops offer different things which can instantly attract vacationers as well as local residents.

If you prefer to walk on a bustling street, you can try Alenby Street. You can find furniture shops, clothing shops, bookstores, bakeries selling baked pastries, and newspaper kiosks. The street is located at the city center. From there, you can also access the promenade where you can relax at the side-cafes.

For more shopping experience, you can still explore the Bohemian Shenkin Street. There you can find youth designers, artists, and theater students. You can also find other stores like Third Ear (HaozenHashlishit), video/audio store, shows, concerts, etc. Adjacent to this street is the King George Street. In this street, you can find affordable clothing shops. Across this street is Hakarmel Street and this is where you can find Hakarmel Market. You will love the fresh veggies and fruits as well as the pastries and meats that are sold at low prices. You can also find souvenirs, accessories, and clothes in this street.

The Dizengoff shopping mall is fully air conditioned. The mall can be found at the lower portion of a certain office complex. In the mall, you can find boutiques, souvenir shops, multiple cafes, cinemas, and house-ware. You will have a relaxing day here at the mall.

Azriely Shopping Mall is another interesting mall in Tel Aviv and it is also located in one of the dazzling skyscrapers in the city. The mall is huge where you can find cafes and shops. While you’re there, don’t forget to drop by at the observatory where you can see the suburbs, neighborhoods, highways, buildings, and an excellent view of the sea.

Opera Tower Shopping Mall is a less bustling and smaller shopping mall near the promenade. The mall has shops, cafes, and a painting gallery that offers reasonable prices.

Ramat Aviv Mall offers prestigious designers and boutiques. You can also try the Gan H’air or City Garden. These are the most expensive malls find in Tell Aviv.

Kikar Hamedinahas has huge boutiques where products of European designers are being sold. You can shop for tuxedos, gowns, shoes, and accessories while you’re there.

These are the shopping malls and specialty stores in Tel Aviv. You can choose to shop in any of these malls. The good thing about shopping is that you are not required to purchase anything. You can go window shopping or you can also purchase items that you can afford. Hurry and visit these malls and stores now so that you can have a unique and different shopping experience.

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