Museums, Gardens and Historical Sites In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city established in 1909; a city that started from sand dunes to a well-established metropolis. Tel Aviv is one of the largest cities of Israel. This city is ranked first in terms of modernization.

Tel Aviv has an active nightlife, vibrant entertainment, fun and lively festivals among all other lifestyles that make the city just continue rolling for success. Aside from that, Tel Aviv is one excellent tourist destination. Situated along the coast of Mediterranean, it displays irresistible beaches which give site for suites in Tel Aviv.

However, even excluding the beach scenery of the city, still, Tel Aviv has many other attractions to be proud of. These attractions include museums, gardens and historical sites.

Tel Aviv displays its ancient and modern artifacts along with its history in many of its museums encircling around the whole city. One of the most famous museums in Tel Aviv is the Diaspora Museum which exhibits the Bauhaus sample architecture. This museum is located within the premises of Tel Aviv University.

If you want to see and know more about the earliest history of the city, you can visit the Eretz Israel Museum. However, if you are an art enthusiast, Tel Aviv also showcase art museums and active arts society. One of this is the Tel Aviv Art Museum which exhibits arts of the modern day and arts collection of Matisse, Chagall and Miro. On the outskirt of this art institution is the pleasant to the eyes, sculpture garden. This gives the travelers a very different warmth sensation once eyes are set on it.

Tel Aviv also features an active art that is why it has two major theaters in the region. First is the Tel Aviv Center for Performing Arts Museum from where the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra is based. Second is the Habima National Theater.

These large museums of Tel Aviv is as equally equipped with artifacts and information as the smaller museums that are also worth visiting.

If you are strolling on the street of King George, you may stop to have a peek at Jabotinsky museum. While if you happened to pass on the historical boulevard of Rothschild, you may look and stroll inside the Independence Hall. This is the place from where the freedom of Tel Aviv was proclaimed on May 14, 1948 by the Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion.

Aside from the well-loaded museums, Tel Aviv also boasts its famous gardens which truly mesmerized the visitors of the city. Tel Aviv University features a Botanical Garden with much more than 3300 species growing on it. This spectacular view appealed to most of the tourists who never failed to drop by whenever they are in the city.

Tel Aviv is proud of its Summit Garden as well. This garden is known a Gan HaPisga. This gives the visitors a very unique atmosphere incorporating shops, restaurants and galleries. However, on the other side of the garden are the fishing ports and seaside for further relaxation.

Tel Aviv is also rich in historical sites such as Saint Peter’s Church built in 17th century, Tabitha’s Tomb as tribute to a rightful person which was raised from death by St. Peter.

These are just some of the attractions offered by the city of Tel Aviv. There are still a lot to mentioned and visited.

Need not to worry on the place to stay because there are suites in Tel Aviv and apartment for rent in Israel all will provide comfort and luxury while you are enjoying the modern metropolitan city.

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