Tel Aviv – One of Israel’s Finest Cities

Israel is an ancient land of Hebrews situated at the southeast end of the Mediterranean Ocean. This ancient land of Israel is the home for one of the world widely known cities that never sleep: the Tel Aviv.

The Tel Aviv is the second largest city of Israel which was founded in 1909. It has the reputation known as “Middle-Europe”as a way of giving honors to those European immigrants who helped established the city.

The heart and soul of Israel’s economic and social aspect is found in the city of Tel Aviv. This is the place for banking centers’ fashion industries’ the world’s most famous diamond bursa’ stock market and many other businesses. With all these’ Tel Aviv is putting a good fight to compete with other successful and high-ranked cities around the globe.

The land of Tel Aviv keeps its pace with the fast growing economic changes and challenges. But despite of its sprint to the century that is about to come’ still the city of Tel Aviv managed to preserve and maintain its Middle-Europe culture and tradition. This can be seen through Bauhaus architectural design’ the aligned trees having wide branches that give shades to the boulevards of the city which consequently leads to the famous outdoor dining.

With the fact that the city of Tel Aviv lies along the shore of Mediterranean Ocean’ its ports are active and lively spots for fishermen and boats though small serve as a beautiful scenery to the tourists. These beautiful and most acknowledged spot appealed the tourist for their fascination in fishing.

If you are to stroll along the walkway of this harbor you will be able to see the world’s finest hotel chains which offer the popular suites in Tel Aviv. If you continued strolling down along the walkway’ this path will lead you to a city of ancient port known as Jaffa. Jaffa is known for its fine restaurants’ artist’s galleries and fishing.

However, if you travel in the North direction of Tel Aviv’ you will find the Tel Aviv University which is considered as the major international liberal institution for Arts and Sciences. The Diaspora Museum and the public Open University is just situated adjacent to Tel Aviv University. Also in the North are the up-scale’ high-class residential areas and cultural life of the city.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for some ethnicity either sound and sight’ Tel Aviv still has more to offer. This includes the Yemenite Quarter and the Market of Carmel. On the other hand’ Tel Aviv features their culture through theater’ art museums that are considered world class and through the music presented by Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

For the delight of the shoppers visiting the place’ Tel Aviv is very proud to say that their shopping centers are full of fashion accessories from London’s Marks and Spencer down to the very own of Israel: Gottex.

Then again, Tel Aviv is said to be one of the international cities that are wide awake all night long because of the pubs and foremost rock concerts.
These are social attributes of Tel Aviv that paved the way for Israel’s vacation rental.

On the contrary, even though Tel Aviv has made its way to the trend of the new century still the ancient and well-regarded value of the area is conserved.

These made the Tel Aviv one of Israel’s Finest Cities.