10 Important Tips Before You Rent an Apartments

Short term apartment rentals can save you big bucks on hotels and meals – and give you a real home away from home feeling.

Short term apartment rentals can be the perfect solution for a family coming for a vacation to Israel or a group of friends coming to enjoy a vacation by the sea or in any of the amazing locations that Israel offers visitors.

Why go the apartment route?

Think about it, a reasonable hotel can cost $150+ a night and that just includes breakfast. The rooms are usually small and functional and if you want to just laze around and relax, well it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Speaking of tea, if you fancy a snack or a drink, then it’s either the expensive mini bar or go out to a bar of restaurant. All in all, a stay at a hotel costs you a lot of your hard earned cash.

The more people you are, so the greater the costs. A family of four could spend thousands of dollars on hotel accommodation and food bills – and that’s before they’ve even been anywhere or done anything. A group of friends coming to enjoy the sun and to party, face the same problem especially as most hotel rooms will sleep just two people.

Renting a short term apartment could be the answer. You’ll find rental apartments in almost every Israeli city, from small one bedroom apartments for just two to four people to large 3 and even 4 bedroom apartments that can sleep a lot more. Most apartments come fully equipped with kitchen and eating utensils, a TV in every bedroom, phones, internet, a living room and some even have a maid service.

You have the freedom and the privacy to do what you want and when you want to. Stock up the fridge with coke and beer and save wads of money on bar costs. Just eating one meal in the apartment could save you $20 – $30 a day each.

10 Essentials when getting a short term rental

  • Most apartments, whether private of from a rental agency, have a minimum rental period of anywhere between a week to a month. If you’re only visiting for a couple of days, it may not be worth it. Also check out how much deposit you have to put down and if it’s refundable if you have to cancel. And if we’re talking about cancellation fees, be sure to find out what they are.
  • Prices in the high season are…higher. Last minute bookings also cost more. So the earlier you book, the greater you’re chance of getting a good deal on that perfect apartment. Having said that, the name of the game is negotiate. Don’t accept the first offer. Most agencies will reduce the price or add extra services – you just have to ask.
  • Decide where you want to spend your vacation. In a big city, apartments in the center are more expensive than those just outside of town. So if you don’t mind bussing…
  • Shop around. Look at a few rental sites to compare what they have to offer and prices. Make a short list and then try to get more info about the site and the apartments.
  • Make sure that you have an emergency contact person to call if the power goes out or the dishwasher breaks down. Be sure to find out the maximum time you’ll have to wait for a repair and if a late repair entitles you to a rebate.
  • Do not, ever, part with any money until you have signed a final agreement. No matter how enticing the apartment is, and even if the renter pressures you, you might just as well throw your money out of the window.
  • Always find out exactly what you get and what the agencies and your responsibilities are. Read the fine print – I know it’s annoying but you can sometimes find some pretty draconian clauses in the small print. For example, the agency may say that utilities are included but in the fine print it may state that this is only up to a certain sum after which – you have to pay extra.
  • Check the apartment to be sure everything works and nothings damaged as soon as you get in. Report anything to the agency right away. Take photographs of the damage. It’s not common, but you don’t want to get charged for damage that was already there or not your responsibility.
  • If you’re traveling with the kids – make sure that the apartment is family friendly. Does it have sufficient beds for everybody? Is there enough flatware and cutlery for everybody to sit down and eat together? Is there a washing machine and dryer?
  • Does the apartment have a housekeeping service? When is it available and what does it provide? If you need more, can you get it and for how much?

Finally – enjoy. After all, that’s why you rented the apartment so relax, have fun and make the most of your hard earned cash and your vacation.

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